Pridelano z ljubeznijo do narave!

Fruit Growing Farm Pr' Jernejc! Produced by the love of nature!

We are a small fruit farm located in the village of Hraše near Lesce. Hraše lie in the northwestern part of the Ljubljana basin. In the north, the basin is bounded by the Karavanke mountain chain and the highest peak Stol; in the south, we are bounded by the plateaus Jelovica and Pokljuka. Our crops are located at an elevation of 519 m and are caught in a small valley called the Garden. Two smaller plantations are called Ledina and Pod studenĨicami. We have 5.1 ha apples and pears orchards. In addition, we have 5 ha of meadows and fields.

The history of intensive fruit growing is not long here, but the great-grandfather Prešeren Alojz planted and grafted fruit trees at the beginning of the 20th century. He had planted about a hectare of pears called "Moštarice" and "Tepke" and various varieties of apple trees from which the fruits were used to cook brandy. The next generation was more focused on livestock breeding so fruit growing in the middle of the 20th century was neglected.

The history of intense fruit growing began in 1995 when individual farmers began planting the first intensive crops in Gorenjska. During this time, we also planted the first apple plantations. Since then, fruit growing has inspired us, and we are expanding and improving the plantations. Part of the plantations are covered with a net against the hail. In order to preserve the harvest, we also have cold stores with a capacity of keeping 130 tons. We sell apples and other products at home as well as to local fruit merchants.

We also try to grow other fruit species that thrive perfectly in Gorenjska region, because of the special climate and soil. They pamper us with a divine taste and a special aroma.

Fruit growing farm Pr 'Jernejc is included in the Rural Development Program:



Sadjarstvo Pr'Jernejc


Hraše 34

4248 Lesce


Tel: 04/53 33 275

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